School Kits

Our school kits are available in Pre-Packed Grade-Ready Kits or KidzPak Custom Kits. The custom kits are designed by you with a simple selection process right on this site.

No need to worry - we are with you every simple step of the way!

KidzPak staff typically work with a parent council or school administration representative to create the kits and implement this program. It only takes one person from the school to manage the process on behalf of the school from start to finish. It's that easy!

Then, KidzPak Kits are ordered by parents online during the month June. The personalized kits are delivered to the school on a pre-arranged date before the start of school. The parent council or school administration arranges for parents/students to pick up their personalized kit prior to the start of classes or on the first day of school.

KidzPak School Supplies provides the school with marketing materials to inform parents and students about the program. During the ordering period, parents go online to order and pay for their kit(s). All the financial administration of the program is handled by the KidzPak team through the website.

Pre-Packed Grade-Ready Kits

We have KidzPak kits pre-packed and in stock for grades one (1) through eight (8). Your school can sign up to offer these kits for each of your grades. When parents go online to view the selection they will see the complete package details listed by the grade they select. These Pre Packed kits cannot be changed however, parents do have the option in each grade to add a number of items to the kit. These would be items such as calculators, math sets and dictionaries. We want to offer parents the option of purchasing these kits and not feeling like they must buy items which they may already have from a prior year. The kits have been designed to meet the needs of each specific grade as determined by teacher input and the KidzPak team. These kits qualify for our fundraising rebate program.

KidzPak Custom Kits

These kits are designed by your school to be appropriate for each grade. As an administrator, you can use our shopping cart environment to create the kit by selecting the specific items and quantities that you want for each grade kit. You can manage/build your kits over time as you will have the ability to log in and make changes as you deem necessary. You can also provide us with your list of products and we can create the kit for you in your account. Later, when parents log in to order online, they will see the complete kits that your school has created. These kits are sold as either a complete package, or, the parents can select 'a-la-carte' from the items which you have selected. These kits qualify for our fundraising rebate program.